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JustFoodForDogs® dedicated to improving the quality of life of pets through whole balanced nutrition

JustFoodForDogs-stovetopWe love it when companies are dedicated to the quality of life and well being of pets as much as we are. We’ve recently partnered with JustFoodForDogs®, a company that makes healthy, fresh, high-quality food for pets in their own kitchens. They only use ingredients inspected and approved by the USDA for human consumption.

In 2006, company founder, Shawn Buckley was curious about what was in the commercial dog food he was feeding his dogs Simon and Nala. What he discovered was alarming. He found that the food included food industry scraps from what is intended for human consumption, feed grade by-products, preservatives, and toxic chemicals among other things.

He also discovered the commercial dog food was cooked using high-temperature processes that reduced and eliminated the little nutritional value in the food. Like many of us who shop for our own pets’ food, he also found that, in general, commercial dog food product labels were confusing and misleading.

He took this information and decided to do something about it, so he created JustFoodForDogs®, a company whose mission is to increase the quality and length of life for as many pets as possible through proven, balanced, whole food diets. The pillars of the business are truth, honesty, reason, and facts.

Today, JustFoodForDogs continues its mission, having served an estimated 5 million meals over the last 5 years. They are backed by hundreds of veterinarians that boast amazing results and have 6 locations across Southern California with more planned. As the world’s first dog kitchen, each day they make daily diets for healthy dogs, veterinary supported (prescription) diets for dogs with health issues and custom formulate nutrients and food into very specific diets for dogs with unique health needs including: dogs with liver disease, dogs with kidney disease, diabetic dogs, dogs on chemotherapy, overweight dogs, etc. Just recently, they’ve expanded to their first feline daily diet, which has received an excellent reception, and they have custom formulated feline diets for veterinarians for years. Their recipes are developed by their team of veterinarians, nutritionists, a pet chef and a cadre’ of dogs and dog lovers.

JFFD-¬_DailyMeal_Beef_1200Trupanion is excited to partner with JustFoodForDogs®. We know that prescription food is a valid and important way to treat certain dog illnesses and injuries. If a dog owner chooses to use prescription food, Trupanion will cover 50% of the cost when recommended by a veterinarian for the treatment of eligible illnesses for up to two months*.

And to check out the JustFoodForDogs® menu visit them at http://justfoodfordogs.com/.

Be sure to come back to our blog and read more about pet food nutrition and health as JustFoodForDogs® very own Chief Medical Officer and Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Oscar E. Chavez, BVetMed MRCVS MBA will join us for a series on the topic.

Stay tuned!


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