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Trupanion’s Territory Partners, From the Hospital to the Field

Trupanion’s success can be attributed to our Territory Partners more than anything else. Our Territory Partners are pet-passionate visionaries who help educate veterinarians, their staff, and their local communities to understand how medical insurance for cats and dogs can benefit pets, pet owners, and the veterinary community. Our Territory Partners are the vital link between Trupanion and veterinary practices, and the reason more and more veterinarians recommend Trupanion to their clients. They come from varying backgrounds in veterinary medicine and sales but all of them are incredibly driven and have a common thread: a strong passion for pets and Trupanion’s mission to care for them all.


Meet Meghan Kernohan

Territory: Ottawa, Ontario
Sign date: 2014

As a veterinary technician at a large veterinary hospital, Meghan Kernohan witnessed firsthand the financial strain placed on many pet owners who wanted the best for their pets.

“Part of my job working in the clinic included discussing finances with pet owners. More often than not people could not afford the medical treatments required to help their pet. Many pet owners want to help their pets, but so many of them are unprepared to handle how high the bill can go. Even pet owners who had spent thousands on their beloved pet still had to draw the line somewhere financially,” Meghan reflected.

When she and her boyfriend got their own dog, she immediately got her covered through a Trupanion certificate. “It was a no-brainer to get her insured.”

She continued working at the veterinary hospital until one day when a friend informed her about the Territory Partner position at Trupanion. “Having already experienced Trupanion first hand as a policyholder, and seen Trupanion in action for clients who had a policy when dealing with an emergency or chronic illness, I saw Trupanion as a solution to a widespread problem. With the support of my boyfriend, I took a leap.”

As a pet owner, veterinary technician, and policyholder for her dog and two cats, Meghan brings several perspectives to the role of Territory Partner. “I’ve had pets since I was little and have experienced the struggle that comes with trying to afford veterinary care when a pet is sick. As a veterinary technician, I have medical knowledge and an awareness of how much it costs. As a policy holder, I see the value in having insurance, even if it is just for peace of mind.”

This helps her relate to people on every level of the business, from customer to practice manager. “I really want every pet owner to have the peace of mind to know that they can do everything they can to help their pet. This also means the veterinarian and veterinary staff can practice the medicine they went to school for, and give each and every pet the very best in veterinary care.”

She enjoys the flexibility, the time spent in her car listening to good music, and getting to know hospital staff and building relationships. But what she finds the most rewarding is seeing the really high-paying claims come through, she said “the ones where in the back of my mind I know that very few people would be able to afford, or over time would have to draw the line. Seeing those claims I can almost feel the relief that the pet owner must feel.”

“Hearing their stories continues to inspire me to keep advocating for Trupanion. One day I hope that the majority of pets who walk into a vet’s office with their pet owner will be insured and that finances will be completely taken out of the equation, and veterinarians will be the heroes they deserve to be.”

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