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A Full Life and a Wagging Tail

Rocky-Golden-Retriever“I adopted Rocky from NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue when he was 8 months old. He was the reason I met my husband Dave. Rocky had a personality that could turn anyone who disliked dogs into a dog lover with his never ending wagging tail, and relentless love.

In June of 2014, he was 13 and we received the news he had lymphoma. My vet at at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center talked to us about treatment. There was an oral chemotherapy, which had good results for his type of cancer with minimal to no side effects. Thank goodness we had Trupanion. We decided to give it a try.

Every 3 weeks, he went in, had his blood drawn, and if his levels were good, he received his pill. So every three weeks, the vet bill was about $325. But because of our insurance, we were reimbursed for 90%.

Rocky did well and eventually we spread out the treatments. Until finally, my vet told me Rocky’s cancer was as good as cured! He finally crossed over the rainbow bridge on February 27, 2015. Because of Trupanion we were able to treat his cancer, give him a good quality of life and he gave us 8 additional months of love.

Thank you Trupanion. Those 8 months were an absolute blessing.”

Anne M.


Pleasanton, CA
Enrolled: October 2012
Condition: Lymphoma, Hypothyroidism
Trupanion Paid: $3,050.17

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