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How Did You Celebrate Veterinarian Appreciation Day?

They speak for those who can’t speak—in English at least—and try their best to give our pets the long, happy lives they deserve.

That’s why we created Veterinarian Appreciation Day™, a holiday to celebrate and say thanks to the veterinarians that do so much for our furry family members.

Veterinarian Appreciation Day at NasdaqThis year, we celebrated a little differently. In honor of Veterinarian Appreciation Day™ we sent Dr. Kathy Hrinivich and Dr. Neil Kennedy of Animal Hospital of Cambridge in Cambridge, Ontario to New York City to ring the Nasdaq closing bell in honor of veterinarians across North America.

Since they opened their practice in April 2004, Dr. Hrinivich and Dr. Kennedy have worked tirelessly to care for the animals in their community. They put a huge focus on helping people and their animal families seven days a week and caring for as many strays and orphaned pets as they can with the resources they have. We thought they deserved a vacation.

But that’s not the only way we thanked our veterinarians this June 18. We made DIY pet treat jars, pawprint paintings, and pet silhouettes, we brought treats and cards to our local veterinary hospitals, and we just said “thanks” when we walked into the veterinary hospitals.

How did you celebrate your veterinarian?


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