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How to Pet-Proof Your Garden

Like it or not, when you bring a new pet into the home you can no longer call your garden your own: it is, at best, a shared space where you and your pet can relax and play, but your pooch will probably consider it his own. You can humour him, of course, but a wise pet owner will grant ownership to their new companion while quietly taking steps to ensure they keep a bit of themselves in their yard.

For a start, you didn’t put all of that effort into the flowerbeds or vegetable patch just to hand it over to a quadruped with little or no aesthetic sensibility: chicken wire wrapped around wooden stakes makes for a cheap, rustic and accessible border to your pet’s no-go areas. However, a garden has a life of its own, and plants may creep into your pet’s turf, so be sure only to use pet-friendly fertilizers and stick to plants that you know to be non-toxic (daisies, orchids and bamboo are all fine).

You can also trick your pet into believing they’re in control by establishing a play area for them – a dog will enjoy a shallow sandpit or patch of grass filled with his toys, and you can watch him play in his pre-ordained space while the rest of your garden gets to flourish in peace. A pet house is also a comforting touch, for any time spent outside. It should be about 25% longer and wider than your pet, so that it’s cozy but he can still move around comfortably.

Pet-proofing your garden is a political game, but by caring for both flora and fauna you can create a pleasant habitat for all involved. For more tips on how to do so, be sure to check out this infographic and tick off the elements of safety, comfort and fun that need to be addressed for you to enjoy that garden together.


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