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Top 12 Animal Movies

top-animal-moviesDisney’s “The Secret Life of Pets” has already earned more than $140 million at the box office and it made us think—what other great animal movies are out there? So heat up the popcorn, get cozy next to your pets and dive head first into the Top 12 Animal Movies.

The Lion King

Admit it—you have at one point lifted your pet to the sky and whispered “everything the light touches is your kingdom.” When the Lion King was released in 1994, it went on to win two Academy Awards. This classic is always a crowd pleaser and a great way to start any animal movie marathon.

101 Dalmatiansanimal-movies-dalmatian

What’s better than coming home to your pet every day? Coming home to 100 more! 101 Dalmatians is a story that’s been told as an animated feature, a live-action movie, a book, and even a video game. It even caused an increase in demand for the breed after the movie gained popularity in the early 90’s.


Looking for something with a little less fur and a little more fear? Jaws will be sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. Make sure you have a cuddly pooch by your side when you watch this classic.


According to a study conducted by scientists from Emory University, pigs are often smarter than dogs. That’s definitely true when it comes to our next movie star. Babe stole hearts all across the world with his sweet, silly antics in 1995.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Do you have more than one pet at home? Do they act like siblings? Homeward Bound tells the story of three pet siblings who work together to return to their owners after becoming stranded at an airport. This uplifting story is based off the novel The Incredible Journey, and is still popular today for its themes of love and friendship.

Old Yeller

This 1957 classic will definitely make you reach for the tissues and snuggle your four-legged friend a little closer. Based on the book of the same name, this story about the bond between a boy and his dog in post-Civil War Texas is famous for its heart.


One of the oldest movies on this list, this Disney Classic about a deer, his parents and forest friends was recently named one of the best ten classic American animated films by the American Film Institute.


Have you ever met a dog that you just knew was meant to be part of the family? This movie about a goofy St. Bernard that wins the affections of each family member in his house seems familiar to anyone who has fallen hard for their pooch.


Lady and the Tramp

If Lady and the Tramp taught us one thing, it was that there is a romantic way to eat spaghetti. This story of an upper-class Cocker Spaniel and a stray mutt provided adventure, mischief and love.

animal-movies-lassieLassie Come Home

If only all our pooches could be like Lassie. The Collie is known for saving her best friend from a whole variety of situations. Thankfully our best friends just need to sit on the couch and enjoy the movie with us.


Marley & Me

Just like Old Yeller made you break out the tissue box, Marley & Me will pull at your heartstrings all over again. The 2008 movie reiterates how close we can really become with our furry, four-legged friends.

Finding Nemo

Looking for an adventure? Then join Nemo and his father and they cross oceans in order to be reunited. This modern classic celebrates the release of its sequel this year and is an assured crowd pleaser for any get together.

Now that we’ve run through our top animal movies, we want to hear from you! What movies should we add to our marathon, and which are your favorites?


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