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Happy, Silly, Sassy Lab

“We adopted Marley a little over a year ago and at the time she was a happy, silly, sometimes sassy Chocolate Lab who always had a smile on her face.  Aware that we were dealing with the unknown, we thought it wise to add Marley to our insurance plan with Trupanion, which already covered our other dog.

Four months after adopting Marley, she injured herself while playing and needed to have a TPLO done on her right knee. This was not an inexpensive surgery, and Trupanion was great processing our claim and sending us a check right away—we received it within a week of submitting the claim. Trupanion also helped out immensely when Marley had to spend 2 nights at the emergency hospital for her sensitive stomach.  With all the testing and ultrasounds that were done, Marley racked up quite the tab during her stay. Again, Trupanion was quick with getting us the reimbursement and we were able to put the money back in our reserves without an impact to our budget.

Every time you call Trupanion customer service with questions you can tell that employees are smiling when they answer the phone. They are knowledgeable and helpful and have been able to ease any stress or concerns I have had during these stressful situations.

We are now about 8 months out from the TPLO surgery at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center and Marley is now not only the happy, silly, sometimes sassy Lab we adopted, but she is enjoying a more fulfilled and healthy life due to the standard of care Trupanion enabled.  Marley is once again able to go on hikes and long walks, and she even runs around instigating chase and keeping up with puppies half her age at the dog park.”

Coleman and Chelsea S.


Livermore, CA
Enrolled: March 2015
Condition: TPLO Surgery, Enterocolitis
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $10,034.87


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