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7 Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Pet

Celebrate Halloween with your petWhether your pet is a quiet cuddle bug or an outgoing party hound, there are a number of great ways to celebrate Halloween with your furry friend by your side. See six simple ways to spend Halloween- and the days leading up to it- with your cat or dog.

Dress Them Up in a Pet Halloween Costume

Halloween Dog CostumeEvery October, dogs and patient cats make us laugh in their clever and cute pet costumes. When choosing a costume for your dog or cat, pick an outfit that fits comfortably, doesn’t restrict movement, and avoids small edible pieces.

Pay close attention to your pet. If your dog or cat doesn’t mind the costume, it’s a great way to celebrate Halloween.

Make a DIY Spooky Toy

From bones to pumpkins, and mummies to witches, there are plenty of Halloween-themed pet toys. While you can always buy one from a store, you can also make some simple Halloween toys for your pet with items like old t-shirts, felt, old gloves, or socks. Braid and knot together some orange and black fleece strips for your dog, or sew a spooky felt monster for your cat. Even if your pet doesn’t want to wear a costume, they can still tote around a Halloween pet accessory.

Take Them to a Pet-Friendly Pumpkin Patch

If your pet doesn’t love costumes, try to visit a dog-friendly pumpkin patch with your pup (or leashed cat). It’s a great way to get outside in the beautiful fall weather and pick the perfect pumpkin.

Not all pumpkin patches are dog-friendly, so be sure to call the farm before you go. Bring a leash and keep your pup close as you browse.

Carve a Puppy Pumpkin

Dog Friendly Pumpkin PatchTo take it a step further, you can decorate your pumpkin in honor of your pet! There are plenty of pet pumpkin carving patterns available online, whether you are a novice or professional pumpkin carver.

Want to freestyle? Have a picture of your pet handy so you can carve based on a consistent image.

Tricks for Halloween Pet Treats

Tricks and treats don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Fall is a great time of year to brush up on your pet’s repertoire and a great time of year to incorporate some new tricks and treats into the mix! There are dozens of Halloween-themed pet treats you can make for your dog or cat, including recipes that can use some of the pumpkin left over from carving. From fall flavors to adorable cookie cutouts, you can give your pet a special treat for their new tricks.

Trick or Treat with Your Pet

Outgoing pets may want to tag along on your family’s trick-or-treat outing or help you give candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

If your pet plans to tag along, make sure they are well behaved and not easily spooked. Halloween events can be unpredictable with kids in costumes and strange sounds and decorations.

If you do plan to hand out candy to the neighborhood, make sure your pet stays close to home. With all the new activity, they may be tempted to slip outside while you’re tending to the trick-or-treaters.

Watch a Scary Movie with Your Pet

For those cats and dogs who prefer to snuggle up and avoid the Halloween festivities, a scary movie is a great option. There’s nothing like the presence of your dog or cat to make you feel safe, even when watching the scariest movie. Pop some popcorn, pick a snuggly spot for your pet, and get scared!


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