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Pet Cancer Awareness: Dogs and Humans Fighting Together

Ruby and her owner, both breast cancer survivors, walked the American Cancer Society's Breast Cancer Walk together
Ruby and her owner, both breast cancer survivors, walked the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Walk together

Ruby was rescued by a couple from the New Hampshire SPCA at 8 years old and in rough shape. Before Renée and James could take her home, she required a triple mastectomy. Just a week later, she was up and around, happy and full of energy. A month later, she and Renée walked the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer walk together, decked out in pink. Both cancer survivors.

Fighting Cancer, Together

Over the past four decades, since the passing of the National Cancer Act in 1971, research and treatments for cancer have developed significantly. Dogs have played an important role. Due to our biological similarities, research on cancer in dogs has shed light on cancer treatment in humans. And both species benefit from the findings.

Developments in Pet Cancer Treatments

Many treatments available to humans are also used to treat pets today including immunotherapy, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and herbal therapies. Pets diagnosed with cancer can  be treated by veterinary oncologists who have specialized in the field. These treatment options can be combined to extend the duration and quality of life for pets. At the same time providing significant insight on human treatment. Countless studies and trials treating cancer in dogs have revealed new drugs and leads toward finding the cure. Together, people and their canine counterparts are working toward the cure.

Like with human cancer treatment, treatment for cancer in pets can be costly. Trupanion found that dogs become significantly more prone to cancer starting at age 5, and the expected cost to treat cancer in dogs increases by 30% each year. The cost to save a pet’s life can easily reach into the thousands.

These advanced treatments are more accessible now than ever—pet medical insurance can help cover the cost of these treatments, allowing pet owners to care for their pet and not worry about finances. The Trupanion plan covers advanced and specialized cancer treatments like bone marrow transplants and herbal therapy at 90% for eligible conditions.* This coverage can give pet owners more access to advanced treatment options. This can help improve a pet’s quality of life and promote development in cancer research for both pets and people, without creating a financial burden during an already difficult time.

*Terms and conditions apply. See the policy for details.


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