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A Puppy from Taiwan Gets the Care She Needs

Millie - rescue from Taiwain“Millie had been a feral puppy rescued from the streets of Taiwan, so there were even more unknowns than with your typical American pound puppies. She should be the poster child for why pets should get Trupanion—she’s had so many health issues since I adopted her almost 2 years ago, but has come through them all very well.

If it wasn’t for Trupanion’s puppy insurance, her life and mine would be diminished by the expense and/or the risk of not getting needed treatment. She’s had everything from Giardia, kennel cough, and mange to injuries requiring stitches from racing other pups in the park and running into a barbed wire fence. Last May, she developed epilepsy, requiring multiple expensive diagnostic tests including an MRI and expensive monthly medication. Trupanion has been there providing excellent support, paying promptly, and even paying the veterinary hospitals directly, reducing my initial out-of-pocket costs and paperwork submissions. Thank you Trupanion!”

Jana B.


Richmond, CA
Enrolled: December 2013
Condition: Seizures, Giardia, Wound on Leg
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $6,415

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