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A Tri-“pawed” Story

Ella, pup with three legs“At just 5 months of age, Ella fell off a chair and accidently broke her front leg. Ella’s leg was splinted with the hope that the fracture would heal well. Along with frequent splint changes and checkups, Ella developed some pressure sores and a skin infection, which were treated on an almost daily basis. Multiple follow-up radiographs showed that, unfortunately, Ella’s fracture was not healing properly and she was developing elbow dysplasia which was very painful for her. The end result meant surgery in order to amputate her deformed leg.

Now, Ella lives happily as a fast-running, three-legged pooch who enjoys life and does not live in discomfort anymore. Trupanion has been an important part in Ella’s journey to her wellbeing. She is lucky to have such great human parents and great health insurance through Trupanion!”

-Princess Animal Hospital


Odessa, ON
Enrolled: April 2013
Condition: Leg Fracture, Infection, and Amputation
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $6,447.67

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