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Beach Bonding With LBD (Little Black Dog)

There’s something incredible about the bond we can have with our pets. Amber Kingsly shares the special bond she had with her first dog, Holly. 


As pet lovers, we all can understand the lifelong bond we have with our animals. My first dog turned out to be my constant canine companion in the form of my first, four-legged best friend, my LBD, or Little Black Dog, named Holly. Smaller dogs often live much longer lives than some bigger breeds and I had the good fortune of having Holly for almost nineteen years.

I got her as a puppy from an older couple who couldn’t take care of her to the degree they thought possible. Her former owners informed me of Holly’s rich history as a purebred Cairn Terrier. After that, since the dog and I were both young, we continued to grow together and we became inseparable.

Bonding at the Beach

When Holly was still young, I’ll never forget the first time I took her to the beach, specifically Half Moon Bay near San Francisco, California. I had no idea how she would react to the surf and sand. But I soon found out how much she loved the beach, just as much as I do.

When we arrived, Holly was still on her leash and seemed more than happy to walk through the sand on our way to “cop a spot” closer to the waves. She was enthralled by all the sights and smells, people walking along the shoreline with their dogs and there were seagulls everywhere. Since it was an off-leash park, I let her loose to explore.

Blasting Onto the Shoreline

Holly exploded out of her clasp and first went to quickly disperse a group of seagulls gathered on the shoreline. She continued down the beach and happily made friends with every passerby available for her to meet and greet. I called her back so she wouldn’t disappear into the distance. The look on her face was absolutely priceless, an enormous smile enveloped her panting mouth and she was excited beyond belief.

I kept her by my side in an attempt to calm her overwhelming sense of excitement and recall holding her close as she stood next to me. Eyeballing another group of seagulls, I couldn’t help but egg her on a little bit. “Are you gonna get those birds?” I questioned, “Gonna get those birds?” I continued until I let her go from my grasp.

Bulleting Forward

It was like shooting a gun, she blasted out of my grip like a cannonball exploding toward her targets who would easily evade her with their ability to fly. I can still see it like slow-motion playing inside my mind, a memory that will never fade. She was so happy, so excited and thrilled beyond belief. Later, like dragging a happy child from a swimming pool, Holly wasn’t very pleased during our departure.

But then, for the next few days, she was still extremely hyper, I refer to it as a long-lasting “beach-high” that simply made her even more playful and full of joy. I continued to take her to the beach, the lake, a river, wherever there was sand and water. Ironically enough, she was a terrible swimmer with her little, stick-like terrier legs she struggled some in the water, but she still loved the surf and sand nonetheless.

Remember them Forever

I took Holly’s ashes to that very same beach after she peacefully passed in her sleep many years later. Similar to some old folklore associated with the surf and sand, every time I watch the waves hit the shore, I can still see Holly happily playing in the sand. I thought I would be devastated when she died, but I will always remember what a full and wonderful life we shared together, especially on the shoreline.

About the Author: Travel junkie, Amber Kingsley, is a freelance writer living in Santa Monica, CA. Her art history background helps her hone in on topics that are of interest to readers. She is a dog enthusiast and loves spending time with her Pomeranian, Agatha.

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