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Senior Dogs Get the Care they Need

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“There are three furry family members in our household; littermates, Guinness and Gracy, and our younger Yorkie, Lacey. For years, we insured the dogs with ASPCA Insurance. We made a change to Trupanion at Dr. Sullivan’s recommendation. Our veterinary hospital, Coral Springs Animal Hospital, bills Trupanion directly, making the insurance claims a thing of the past.

Shortly after we changed to Trupanion, Guinness tore his ACL. We were concerned that it would not be covered by Trupanion since we had only had the insurance for a few months, however, the veterinary hospital handled the request for pre-approval, and Guinness had the operation to repair the damage. It was a costly operation, but Trupanion covered the expenses, less the applicable deductible, without objection.

In May 2013 we were shocked when Gracy went in for a checkup and was diagnosed with Protein Losing Nephropathy (PLN)—a fatal disease. We were crushed when we were told she had less than 9 months to live. PLN requires a special diet and medication to support her kidneys and manage pain. Initially the condition was considered pre-existing as there was a report of elevated protein in her urine some years ago, but once Dr. Donna Schwartz at the Coral Springs Animal Hospital explained the earlier protein level had nothing to do with PLN, Trupanion reviewed and approved the claim. Since that time, there hasn’t been any hesitation from Trupanion in covering any cost related to her PLN; her special diet, medication and follow up visits pertaining to the PLN.

Gracy may be on “borrowed time”, but I’m pleased to report she is doing just fine. Her special diet and medications, along with follow up visits to Dr. Schwartz have managed her PLN beautifully, and so far she isn’t showing any signs of decline. She and her brother Guinness celebrated their 14th birthday last October, and are both aging gracefully. Gracy is a beautiful Yorkie, bred for show, and was the pick of the litter!

Changing pet insurance when the dogs were 12, and in their senior years, could have been an expensive error on our part, but Trupanion has been easy to work with, communicates the status of the claims and in our case, was obviously willing to review our appeal of their decisions.”

Patti M.

Guinness and Gracie

Coral Springs, FL
Enrolled: October 2012
Condition: Torn Knee Ligament and Protein-Losing Nephropathy
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $3,013.03

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