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6 Fun Wintertime Activities with Your Pet


There are several wintertime activities to enjoy with your pup.

As the cold settles in and you start going stir-crazy at home, you may feel like there’s no way to entertain both you and your pet. Think again! A little snow and rain doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying all that winter has to offer.

Six Fun Wintertime Activities with Your Pet

Go on a snowy – and safe – hike

If your pet just can’t get enough of the great outdoors, research some snowy hikes in your area that your best bud might love. Before stepping out the front door, make sure you have all the supplies you need. A collapsible water bowl and extra water for your dog is always necessary on long hikes. Short-haired breeds may also need jackets to keep them warm – and don’t forgot those hiking boots! Paws are sensitive to the cold, so look into dog boots for your pooch or make sure the hike is short enough that your pet’s pads stay safe.

Work together on a puzzle toy

Is your best friend more of a Netflix-and-chill animal? There are plenty of interactive toys that can give your pet’s brain a workout while in the comfort of your own home. Bond with your buddy by helping them through some of the more complex toys. Fun, interactive puzzle toys will keep your pet occupied for hours. Start out easily by showing them the basics and offering praise or treats for encouragement, before letting them loose to tackle the toughest puzzles.

Create a new toy!

Looking for a DIY project? Instead of paying big money for a puzzle toy, why not create something that your pet will love! You know exactly the types of games your best friend enjoys, so you’re the best person to create the perfect custom toy. Does your cat love feathers or sparkles? Is your pup a rope-puller or ball-chewer? Create an awesome pet toy and who knows – maybe you’re ready for a pet toy line of your own.

Learn unique tricks

If your pet got an A+ in obedience school, they may be ready for some advanced courses. Even dogs who need a little more help can always learn new tricks! Step outside the usual ‘sit’ and ‘heel’, and teach your pooch how to army crawl, collect their toys, or pass a note to someone else in the house. Gentle reinforcement with praise or treats should get your pup headed in the right direction.

Safely playing in the snow is a fun wintertime activity.

Discover your local dog park

Some dogs may not love crowded dog parks at first glance. While more shivering pooches stay inside during the winter months, now may be a good time to introduce shyer pups to their local dog park. It may be easier to accustom your dog to the area, learn social skills and good behavior, and see if they become more comfortable with time.

Take a pet yoga class

Work on those New Year’s resolutions while staying warm! Cat and dog yoga classes are popping up all over the US and Canada. Bring your mat, some water, and your furry friend and you’re ready to go. Even if you’re not sure whether your dog’s Downward Dog or cat’s Chaturanga is in perfect form, it’s a great way to bond with your animal and exercise together.

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