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Molly’s Miracle

Molly Testimonial

“In 2013 we had to say goodbye to our best friends Jake and Hunter within five weeks of each other. The veterinary bills were over $5,000, which we had to put on a credit card. Our veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Schreiber of Miracle Hills Animal Hospital, recommended Trupanion when we adopted our new dog Molly – it certainly has paid off.

In late January 2016, we took Molly to the veterinarian because she was not eating or breathing correctly. Dr. Schreiber decided to do her senior wellness exam early which included an X-ray. We found out she had spontaneous pneumothorax, an accumulation of air between the chest wall and the lungs. We took her to VCA Midwest Emergency Clinic.

As she was monitored, they told us that surgery was her best chance. She had part of her left lung removed and spent six days at the emergency clinic. Recovery was hard because she couldn’t do much of anything for four weeks after surgery.

Thankfully, Molly has fully recovered and we had a great time this summer playing outside and going for walks. Thanks to Trupanion, we were able to afford to keep her well!”

-Michele N.


Omaha, Nebraska

Enrolled: January 2014

Condition: Pneumothorax

The Trupanion Policy Paid: $6,272.22

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