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Tasting Trouble Two Weeks Apart

cavalier king charles spaniel

“Griffin is our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He loves to chew and we’ve always made an effort to keep our waste baskets out of his reach. Unfortunately, he got into one of them during the night and ingested some of the contents. On Sunday morning (these issues always seem to occur on the weekends) we took him to our local pet emergency hospital, Iowa Veterinary Referral Center.

We received excellent care from the moment we arrived. The veterinarian examined Griffin and determined that he needed emergency surgery. We’ve had Trupanion insurance from the beginning and it was because of our coverage that we were able to afford the care that Griffin needed. Our claim was handled professionally and without delay.

Unbelievably, two weeks after Griffin came home from surgery he got into some of our prescription medication and had to spend another night in the emergency pet hospital. Once again, Trupanion paid our claim without delay.

Trupanion has been great to us!”

Julia B.


Des Moines, IA
Enrolled: December 2010
Condition: Foreign Body Ingestion
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $2,394.26

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