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The Cat Who Ate Everything

“Webster has a tendency for eating things he is not supposed to. When he was a kitten, we found him trying to eat a push-pin, a piece of glass, and he even passed a necklace that went missing, which we later found in the litter box. After several visits to the vet, our veterinarian encouraged us to look at medical insurance, and mentioned that Trupanion was the only insurance provider that would pay our vet directly at the time of our visit.

Luckily we insured Webster,because eventually he fully ingested one of his toys on a bungee-cord string— but this time it could have been deadly. Webster needed surgery to remove the toy, and not only did they remove several feet of bungee-cord string, but they also removed a partially-digested tampon of all things!

When we picked Webster up from the veterinarian and got our bill for $2130.77, Trupanion paid its portion (90%), and we only had to cover the deductible ($200) and remaining 10% of costs ($213). This was such a relief because we didn’t have to cover the entire bill out of pocket, and we didn’t have to worry about sending in a claim for reimbursement – instead, we could focus on Webster’s recovery.

Since then, Webster has been diagnosed with kitty anxiety (his ingestions always followed a vacation or weekend away), and is on a regular regimen of Prozac. Webster has not ingested anything unusual since, yet he is still the playful, mischievous cat he always was – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Lindsay and Tyler D.


Chicago, IL
Enrolled: February 2016
Condition: Ingested Cat Toy
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $1,680.09


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