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A Healthy Life in his Forever Home

Shih Tzu Mix

“We adopted Brownie, our Shih Tzu mix, from the Northeast Animal Shelter. When we filled out the paperwork to adopt Brownie, the staff told us that Trupanion offered a 30-day certificate, so we signed up. I thought it was a great idea, knowing how expensive veterinary care could cost.Although he had minor skin irritation and was a little underweight he seemed pleasant and well behaved.  We were hooked by his big brown eyes that said ‘take me home with you.’ He fit right in and instantly became part of the family.

We noticed Brownie had difficulty going to the bathroom. When we brought him to see the veterinarian, she suggested we take x-rays. Brownie would need to have surgery.  He had a blockage in his bladder that was making it hard for him to pee, which made him strain and caused a hernia.

When I called Trupanion to discuss pre-approval I was greeted by the nicest staff. They told me not to worry. Surgery for the urinary problem went very well. After a couple weeks of healing, we brought him to the hospital for hernia surgery, which didn’t go so smoothly. With complications, he immediately needed follow-up surgery, which went very well.

There are no words that can express our sincere appreciation for Trupanion, their dedication, and compassion. We would never have been able to afford Brownie’s medical costs without Trupanion. Their staff kept our spirits up and Brownie is well on his way to a happy and healthier new life in his forever home. He is well loved and we are blessed.

Our deepest gratitude to Northeast Animal Shelter for their dedication to rescuing animals across America, to our veterinarian and the Veterinarian Referral Hospital, and to Trupanion for protecting vulnerable pets. We are forever grateful.”

Cliff, Nadya, Nikita and Brownie


Lexington, MA
Enrolled: November 2013
Condition: Urinary blockage, Hernia
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $5,387.47

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