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Hidden Under All That Hair

“When we adopted Truman as a puppy he seemed like a robust, healthy dog. I understood that Chows have certain health issues and thought I would probably get him health insurance. My veterinarian, Dr. Lauralyn Brown of Lauralyn J. Brown Vet Hospital, recommended Trupanion and I signed up.

I brought Truman to Florida in June 2013, and had him shaved to keep cool. I started to notice his awkward gait and lack of stamina for such a young dog. I still wasn’t quite catching on that there was something seriously wrong with him. We returned from Florida mid-July and after another grooming appointment, it was very apparent something was wrong. There was no muscle tone in his hind legs.

I immediately made an appointment with my veterinarian. She saw the same awkward walk and muscle wasting. An x-ray showed the results were “as bad as it gets.” He had a severe case of hip dysplasia in both back legs. The balls weren’t even near the hip socket. Dr. Brown recommended that I take him to Tufts Medical Foster Hospital for Small Animals. I knew we were in very good hands.

His first hip replacement went beautifully. He was up and moving very quickly and we actually had to keep him quiet. Tru recently finished his second surgery and his six-week check-up went off without a hitch.

I can’t say enough about Trupanion. They were professional and helpful on the phone. The claims are processed quickly and reimbursement checks are in the mail just as fast. I have not had to argue a claim or had any claim denied for my baby. If only our human health insurance was that easy. Trupanion has restored my faith by making the process easy so I can concentrate on my beautiful baby.”

Nancy C.


Deerfield, MA
Enrolled: March 2013
Condition: Hip dysplasia
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $10,870.90

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