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When a Veterinarian’s Pet Gets Sick

“A lot of people think being a veterinarian means you get free veterinary care. The reality is that nothing is inherently free. We still use drugs and supplies that come with a cost, and we still pay other veterinary specialists for their services when helping with our own pets.

I started looking into veterinary health insurance three years ago as a service to my clients. I wanted to have answers and have a recommendation for what I believed was the best company to use. After thorough research, I decided Trupanion was the easiest and best option. The more I read about the company, the more I thought about my aging dog and what he may need in the future. As a veterinarian, I would want to do whatever I needed to do for him, and therefore, pet insurance may be a good way for me to guard against the potential costs.

Low and behold, we activated the account and in less than a year, my best friend and Border Collie, Gage, got into the trash and became sick. Radiographs quickly identified a foreign object and a need for surgery. The surgery went well and after 2 days of care in our hospital and in the local EC, Gage recovered uneventfully. I got some discounts along the way, but ultimately there were still many hard costs that accrued but Trupanion didn’t bat an eye about paying for the care and services he had.

I thank Trupanion for their great care and support. I believe so much in what they provide and try to pass that on to our customers every day. If it makes sense for me, it should make sense for most.”

John Faught, DVM


Austin, TX
Enrolled: July 2013
Condition: Intestinal Obstruction
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $1,164.03

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