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Rock-Solid Care for Amethyst

Amethyst the dog

“Amethyst was only 9 weeks-old when tragedy struck. We thought we had a healthy puppy when suddenly, she couldn’t breathe and we had to rush her to the emergency hospital.

Her veterinarians told us that she had fluid and blood in her lungs. Amethyst had to be put on a ventilator—we weren’t sure how long she would need this intensive care.

Eventually, Amethyst was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. Already having stayed at the hospital and now in need of surgery, you can imagine the medical bills we received. Thankfully, we had enrolled in a Trupanion policy the first day we took Amethyst home. They were there for her no matter what—they even paid directly to the hospital!

Out of a $64,000 claimed veterinary bill they covered the eligible $57,000 and truly have no limit. They made this a little easier financially and even checked up on her. I wouldn’t have my Amethyst if it wasn’t for Trupanion.”

– Shannon A.


Brooklyn, NY
Enrolled: October 2016
Condition: Laryngeal Paralysis
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $57,044.57

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