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A Quick Plan of Action for Luke

golden retriever Luke

“Our world was shaken recently when our dog Luke was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. As soon as we got this diagnosis we took action in getting him the best treatment possible.

The treatment plan including surgery, monthly chemotherapy, medications, and tests was not of financial concern for us because we had pet health insurance. Getting Trupanion a few years ago was the best decision we ever made. Having peace of mind in being able to give our dogs the best standard of care and not needing to stress about the financials is worth more than anything. Trupanion has always been easy to deal with and everyone is very helpful and pleasant.

Trupanion has made it possible for our family to continue living a happy life together and we recommend it to everyone we know with pets.”

– Meryl and Josh C.


Clovis, New Mexico
Enrolled: June 2013
Condition: Osteosarcoma
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $5,805.84

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