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What Makes Trupanion Different? (Video)

Nearly two decades ago, when Trupanion was founded, we vowed to be the change so needed in a flagging, stigmatized industry. We vowed to be a real insurance option for pet owners, to give them the value and coverage that they deserve, and most importantly, that their pets deserve. We created a mission and a set of core values from which we have never wavered:

  • We’d do what we say—always transparent, always fair;
  • Absolutely no limits on reimbursement;
  • No penalty for making claims;
  • No age-related pricing increases, instead we’d have fair, data-driven pricing;
  • And we’d always have the highest claims payout ratio in the industry, so our members get the best value—for the entire life of their pet.

We’ve done all of that and more, and today, we’ve changed the game with not only an exceptional policy of 90% coverage with no reimbursement limits, but we continue to charge forward with innovations and technology to make our members’ experience the best it can be.

We’re consistently highly-rated by our members*, and with good reason, since everything we do is for them and for the pets that they (and we) love. Plus, we unfailingly work to support the great work that you do—with the largest field team in the industry, acting as true partners to your hospital and others like it across the US and Canada.

When we launched Trupanion 17 years ago, we saw the opportunity and promised to do a better job. We remain steadfastly committed to this principle.

Learn what else makes us different, in our new video.



*Based on our NPS score from VoC surveys and TrustPilot.


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