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Massachusetts pet names are inspired by Ireland, coffee, and sports

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Walking down the streets of Boston, you might run into a dog named Dunkin or spot a kitten in a window who goes by Fenway. That’s because these names are a little more common in Massachusetts than other parts of North America.

What else do Massachusetts pet owners name their pets after? Donuts and coffee, boats, Irish-inspired names, and most of all, sports.

Below you’ll find some of Massachusetts signature pet names. “Signature” in this case, doesn’t mean they are the most popular—but they’re more common in Massachusetts than any other place in the US or Canada.

Sports-inspired pet names

Sports themes dominate Massachusetts’ signature pet names. That’s probably because the love of the game runs deep in the state. So deep that pet owners are naming their pets after their favorite sports stars and teams. From baseball, to football, and hockey—Fenway, Larry (Bird), Tessie and, of course, Brady top the list of signature names for pets in Massachusetts.

  • Brady
  • Fenway
  • Tessie
  • Bruin
  • Larry

Irish-inspired pet names

Irish-inspired pet names also take several spots on the signature pet name list. From Seamus to Dublin, Massachusetts pets are honoring the history of Irish culture in the region. And this isn’t surprising, seeing as 22.8% of people in the Boston metropolitan area said they were of Irish descent.

  • Seamus
  • Dublin
  • Finn

History and culture

And it wouldn’t be Massachusetts without Dunkin’ making the list. What would New England be without their donuts and coffee? Other cultural highlights include names inspired by history. This includes Brewster—a name inspired by the first preacher and teacher for the Plymouth Colony, William Brewster. This also includes Dory—which may be inspired by a traditional type of fishing boat that can be found in Boston harbor.

  • Dunkin
  • Brewster
  • Dory

Is your pet named after a special place or feature unique to your city? Share their name in the comments below!

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