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Rehoming your pet in the face of a disaster

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In the aftermath of a natural disaster, it is a challenge for many people to find a safe, habitable place for themselves, and is only further compounded by their companion animals.

The problem pet owners face after a disaster

To impose on the good auspices of friends and family while you are trying to find your feet and rebuild is asking a lot. To ask them to shelter your beloved pet can strain a relationship to the breaking point.

Everyone agrees that the best scenario is for a pet to stay with their guardian. Sometimes, however, circumstances conspire to make this simply, tragically, impossible. So, what to do?

Surrendering a pet to a shelter, never a desirable solution is even more unpalatable now. Shelters are chronically overcrowded as a rule. Now that these disasters have occurred, the number of strays that are ending up in shelters has mushroomed alarmingly, The Humane Society of the United States and other animal welfare groups are trying their best to help reunite owners with their missing pets, but they are swimming against the tide, so to speak. And shelters are under even greater strain because they are holding onto stray animals longer than usual to try to give distressed owners enough time to locate their pets and take them home.

A solution to an un-ideal situation is the smartest, most humane alternative to the shelter for people who are stable enough to provide a home for their pet until an adopter can find them on our site, make a meet-up and arrange to adopt them. Some people affected by these disasters have access to a temporarily stable environment. This could be a family member who is somewhat allergic but can put up with the temporary discomfort. For those people without such access, we would suggest something like

What can the rest of us do? The rest of us can make every effort to take the stress off the shelter system. I would appeal to anyone not directly affected by the hurricanes– don’t further burden the shelters. You don’t have to do it anymore. Please consider, for the sake of the shelters and for the sake of your pet.

About the Author: Angela Marcus is the founder of Get Your Pet and a life-long animal advocate who wanted to find a solution to the challenges that exist in the animal sheltering system. By empowering both pet guardians and adopters, allows pets to go from one good home to another.

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