Unique Cat Furniture for the Stylish Cat Owner
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Unique Cat Furniture for the Stylish Cat Owner


Cat hanging out on cat furniture.

Traditional cat furniture isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. But our cats deserve the best–so where can you find unique, modern, and stylish cat furniture that your feline family member will love?

From feline-friendly designer furniture to DIY furniture hacks, here are just a handful of beautiful designs that your cat will love.

Cat furniture for your cat

Modern cat trees and scratching posts

The traditional scratching post is often covered in beige carpet, sisal rope or sisal fabric, or cardboard. This material is a great option to keep your cat’s scratching instincts away from your furniture and can be incorporated into more modern designs! Take this mid-century modern scratching post from Modernist Cat.

Cat trees also fall subject to a beige and boxy aesthetic, but they can be so much more! Cat tree designers are building perches from reclaimed wood with a variety of shapes, materials, and structures to make your cat and your home happy. Some designers have also created modular cat trees that can be customized for your space. Depending on the tree, these can also function as scratching posts.

Custom cat furniture

Creative cat hiding spaces can be incorporated into tables, cabinets, chairs, and couches. One of our favorites, CATable, was designed as a workspace for humans and exploration station for cats. This table was built with tunnels and hiding spots for your cat.

You can also find chairs with built-in cat hammocks, side tables with hiding nooks and crannies, and even furniture with spaces to tuck away a litter box.

Catwalks and custom sheCatwalks

Its no secret cats like to perch in high places to look over their domain. Installing a  catwalk or cat-friendly shelving can upgrade your style while giving your cat the kingdom of which she’s always dreamed. From modified bookcases to more permanent installations, this is a great solution for homeowners and renters alike.

Many cat owners choose to build their own DIY cat bookshelves by incorporating steps or special shelving reserved for their cat. These shelves can take on any design you can imagine. If you don’t want to build your own, you can find pre-built unique and stylish cat shelves for any size, space, or room.

Catios and outdoor spaces

To take the catwalk a step further, extend it to an enclosed outdoor catwalk or catio! This gives your cat a safe way to get some fresh air and watch birds on their own time.

Catios can be added to a windowsill or built in the yard or on your own deck or patio. They can be as large as a room or as small as a kennel. Some companies even provide designs to build your own beautiful catio.

 Cozy cat beds

Finally, if you’re just looking for a minimal upgrade to your cat furniture, a cute cat bed is a great option. It’s a well-known fact that cats like to squeeze into tight spaces (think cats in boxes) and there are several cat beds out there that satisfy this need.

Wool cat beds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to fit any home. From a traditional oval shape to something more humorous, like a great white shark or cat ears, these beds are a cozy home for your kitten and a cute addition to any room.

Do you have modern cat furniture in your home? What are some of your favorite designs and styles?

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