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The Top 25 Cones of Joy

Dog cone of joy model

Cone of shame gets a new name

The Elizabethan collar has a bad rap as the “cone of shame”. But these inexpensive devices go a long way in helping pets heal faster. While dogs and cats may not look particularly joyful when wearing the cone, it prevents them from licking wounds or injuries and speeds up recovery time. We want to take the “shame” out of the cone and celebrate pet health with Cones of Joy.

This fall, Trupanion took the “shame” out of cone of shame with its first annual Cone of Joy design contest. The contest asked pet owners, vet staff, and pet lovers to submit their creative Elizabethan collar designs to celebrate pet health and healing.

Best of all, the Cone of Joy design contest supported pets who need it most. The top 25 finalists win a $100 cash donation to an animal rescue organization of their choice. To see full contest rules, visit

25 Cones of Joy

A public vote took place until October 25 to determine the best Cone of Joy. Below you’ll find the finalists! The top 25 submissions will receive a $100 donation in their name to an animal rescue organization of their choice.

1st Place

Finalist - Eileen - Blackwood NJ
Eileen in Backwood, NJ

2nd Place


Finalist - Whites Road Animal Hospital - Pickering ON
Whites Road Animal Hospital in Pickering, ON


3rd Place

Finalist - Mary Kern-Granite Bay CA
Mary K. in Granite Bay, CA


Runners Up

Finalist - Burrstone Animal Hospital - New Hartford NY
Burrstone Animal Hospital in New Hartford, NY
Finalist - Genna - Calgary AB
Genna in Calgary, AB
Finalist - Janice - Barrie ON
Janice in Barrie, ON
Finalist - Twila Cole - Clearwater FL
Twila C. in Clearwater, FL
Finalist - Sofia Merced CA
Sofia in Merced, CA
Finalist - Sheryl-Lyn Shelley - Oakland CA
Sheryl-Lyn S in Oakland, CA
Finalist - Sarah - St Petersburg FL
Sarah in St. Petersburg, FL
Finalist - Rachel R Clearwater FL
Rachel R. in Clearwater, FL
Finalist - Pam Skidmore - Lake Placid FL
Pam S. in Lake Placid, FL
Finalist - Marie Nolan - MN
Marie N. in MN
Finalist - Kelsey H Carmel IN
Kelsey H. in Carmel, IN
Finalist - Kellie K - Riverside CA
Kellie K. in Riverside, CA
Finalist - Katie - Colorado Spring CO
Katie in Colorado Springs, CO
Finalist - Katherine Ma - Toronto ON
Katherine M. in Toronto, ON
Finalist - Joan Ratner-Buenfil - Oakland CA
Joan R. in Oakland, CA
Finalist - Joan Patterson - Kirkland WA
Joan P. in Kirkland, WA
Finalist - Heather - Huntington NY
Heather in Huntington, NY
Finalist - Greenfields Veterinary Associates - Mantua NJ
Greenfield Veterinary Associates in Mantua, NJ
Finalist - Cliona - Baltimore MD
Cliona in Baltimore, MD
Finalist - Blue Spruce Animal Clinic - Castle Rock CO
Blue Spruce Animal Clinic in Castle Rock, CO
Finalist - Ardmore Animal Hospital - Ardmore PA
Ardmore Animal Hospital in Ardmore, PA
Finalist - Alessandra Sawick - North Arlington NJ
Alessandra S. in North Arlington, NJ

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