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Behind the scenes of the Trupanion Ad

When you have animals on set, you never know what will happen. Get a behind-the-scenes look onto the set of Trupanion’s 2017 Television ad complete with four dogs and two cats.

The Working Mom

mother cat and kitten

The character of “Gary the cat” known for a somber expression and adorable fluff, is actually a working mom! Her kitten was on set during the shoot. She was a very professional kitten and got to admire her mom from the sidelines. Perhaps she’ll be a cat actress one day.

The High Maintenance Actor

papillons being held

The two Papillion actresses, Milly and Lilly, were quite the interesting pair. While they may look alike, they had very distinct personalities. One fit the breed standard and was engaged, intelligent, and looking to please from the moment she walked on set. The other was a bit of a diva—seeking any shortcut she could to get back to her owner and wrap up the scene. Stardom got to her head!


mixed breed dog actor

All of the animal actors performed their own stunts—like running up the stairs, running down the stairs, and looking out the window—but some “stunts” were a little trickier than others. One dog actor had to run down the stairs and turn left to run into the living room. But this wasn’t as simple as it looked. Vandal’s owner was calling him down the stairs while standing behind the camera, so he kept running at the camera instead! After several consistent takes, his owner moved into the living room to get the final shot you see in the ad.

See the full ad here:

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