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Canada: Tune In for the Next Trupanion TV Commercial

The next Trupanion television commercial is here!

We are excited to unveil our newest television commercial, airing now across Canada. Take a look:

Our Vet Direct Pay feature is exclusively available through our partner hospitals. And while this is a huge benefit to your clients — they don’t have to pay the full invoice up front and get reimbursed later — it’s also a huge benefit to you:

  • Savings in credit card fees – We know most pet owners pay for veterinary care with credit cards. With Trupanion paying their portion of the invoice directly to you, a hospital can save thousands on credit card fees.
  • Client experience – Pet owners are often able to make treatment decisions based on what is right for the pet, not finances, when they only have to pay a fraction of the invoice up front. When your clients can afford the best medical treatment for their pets, your hospital will see more visits and your team can focus on discussing medicine instead of fees.
  • Pharmacy sales – Our data shows that 20-30% of revenue comes from your in-house pharmacy. We want to help protect that. For pets that are enrolled at Trupanion ExpressTM hospitals, most prescriptions are filled directly by the veterinarian through in-house pharmacies or the hospital’s own online pharmacy portal!

Partner with us and join the thousands of hospitals already offering vet direct pay and help us eliminate the reimbursement model forever, while also providing the best experience for your Trupanion-insured clients and for your team. It’s simple to sign up and at no cost to you!

Visit for more details.


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