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Canadians name their pets after some of their favorite hockey all-stars

Labrador puppy and hockey player

It’s no secret, hockey is Canada’s sport. And it’s no surprise Canadians want to share that love of hockey with their pets. We looked into our pet name database to see which of the best Canadian hockey players of all time made the cut.

Canadian hockey-inspired pet names

Crosby takes the cake as one of the most common Hockey-player pet names. Sidney Crosby hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia and currently plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins. From British Columbia to the easterly province of Newfoundland and Labrador and down into the United States, pets named “Crosby” are almost all dogs.

Gretzky is also a common pet name—and Wayne Gretzky needs no introduction. This all-star center, born in Brantford, Ontario, is the namesake for several cats and dogs, ranging from Pomeranians and Yorkipoos to Rottweilers and German Shepherds.

Lemieux, after Mario Lemieux of Quebec, is most commonly a name for cats, though a couple dogs are named after the Center who played for the Penguins.

Toews, after Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks, is a common name for dogs. A Great Dane goes by Yzerman, after Steve Yzerman who played for the Detroit Red Wings. And Paul Coffey, defense from Ontario, is the namesake of a Pit Bull and Bulldog who go by Coffey.

Other notable names in the database were Gilmour, Hawerchuk, Lafleur, Fleury, Clarke, and finally, hockey “Puck.”

Did you name your pet after your favorite hockey player? Share in the comments below!


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