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The Cone of Joy Design Contest

cone of shame on a labrador retriever

Take the “shame” out of cone of shame

There’s no shame in wearing a cone. This fall, Trupanion is taking the “shame” out of cone of shame in its first ever Cone of Joy design contest.

Get crafty, support shelter pets

Trupanion is searching for creative Elizabethan collar designs to celebrate pet health and healing. Designs must incorporate an Elizabethan collar, or E-collar, often used in veterinary medicine to help animals heal. They can be bright or monotone, extravagant or minimalistic, and you can use any materials you see fit!

Best of all, the Cone of Joy design contest supports pets who need it most. The top 25 finalists win a $100 cash donation to an animal rescue organization of their choice. These funds can support animal rescue efforts, spay/neuter procedures, and more. All it takes is an original design.

Why an Elizabethan Collar?

The Elizabethan collar has a bad rap as the “cone of shame” but these inexpensive devices go a long way in helping pets heal faster. While dogs and cats may not look particularly joyful when wearing the cone, it prevents them from licking wounds or injuries and speeds up recovery time. We want to take the “shame” out of the cone and celebrate pet health with Cones of Joy.

How to enter

Submit a photo of your creative, pet-friendly E-collar design on the official Cone of Joy page and vote for your favorite between October 2 and 25, 2017.

Tips to win:

  • Be creative—This is your chance to go all out on a design. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.
  • Be safe—This is all about pet health. Make sure your design is pet safe without any small, loose pieces or toxic materials.
  • Submit a high-quality photo—You’ve spent all of this time designing the perfect cone, now show it off well with a well-lit high-quality photo.
  • Tell your friends and family—The more people you tell, the more votes you can get! Share your submission with friends, family, colleagues, and followers to increase your chances of winning.

To enter and see full contest rules, visit

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