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13 Dogs in Halloween Costumes

Halloween at Trupanion is always a big event.
When you walk through our office headquarters you’ll see dogs and cats in costume. This year, we saw superheroes, vegetables, villains, officers, and a few bumblebees. Here are just a few of the great costumes and adorable furry faces we saw around the office.

1. Pumpkin pugpug dressed as a pumpkin
2. Bully Bowser
dog in a bowser costume

3. Canine cowboy

dog dressed as a cowboy

4. A little pibble angel

puppy in an angel costume

5. Teeny turtle

dog in a turtle costume

6. Patchy the pirate

golden retriever pirate

7. Sushi roll

dog in a sushi costume

8. A goat

dog in a goat costume

9. An Incredible Boxer

incredible boxer

10. Bucking bronco Border Collie

border collie cowboy

11. Ewok with an eye for treats

dog ewok costume

12. Treat police

dog police costume

13. Bumbleween

dog bee costume


How did your pet dress up this Halloween?


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