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Trupanion Express: Tearing Down the Financial Wall to Quality Health Care

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You probably didn’t enter veterinary medicine to discuss payment plans with clients, but unfortunately, that’s a big part of your every day. It’s difficult knowing the best course of treatment for a pet, perhaps even a life-saving one, and being unable to perform it because the owner can’t afford to wait for a reimbursement check from their pet insurance provider.

What if things could be different? With Trupanion Express, you can file claims online, get paid in minutes, and provide pets with the best medical care. It’s a win, win, win.

The benefits of Trupanion Express

We’ve turned the archaic insurance reimbursement model into an innovative web-based application that eliminates paper claims and helps removes financial barriers of large upfront costs for your clients with just the click of a button. Using Trupanion Express, you can spend less time discussing various options and fees and more time delivering excellent care.

So how does it work? Trupanion Express communicates directly with your practice management system to allow you to check if your clients have Trupanion coverage, submit claims and pre-approvals online, and receive direct payments in minutes. Pet owners love it because they are only responsible for paying their portion of the bill at checkout. To top it off, it’s easy to install and use and doesn’t cost your hospital a thing.

We’ve loved seeing the positive impact Trupanion Express has had on hospitals everywhere. Shanna Peterson, Office Manager at Rose City Veterinary Hospital says: “We installed Trupanion Express and are thrilled with the entire process. I had no idea installation would be this easy, and using the software really requires no training. You can walk yourself through it by just clicking around. Our clients are very happy with the pay-to-hospital feature – it completely takes the question of whether or not to treat an accident or injury off the table!”

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