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Affording the treatment he deserves

Chewie the goldendoodle

“Almost 2 years ago our dog Chewie developed a limp. Initially, we thought he just had pulled something but when it continued to get worse we had x-rays done and found out that he had bone cancer. He was only 2 years old and we were caught completely by surprise. Chewie had already become such a huge part of our family and we felt the only choice was to get him all the help he needed.

Chewie had his hind leg amputated and began chemotherapy shortly thereafter. Dr. Fugazzi did a great job with the amputation and Dr. Mauldin has been nothing short of amazing through-out the chemotherapy and follow up process. Although it took Chewie a little while to figure things out, he was soon running around like nothing had happened. It has now been almost two years since his operation and we are so thankful for the staff at the Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Centre.

Trupanion helped us to pay for the amputation and chemotherapy, and continues to help with the ongoing follow-up blood work and chest scans. With support from Trupanion we were able to afford Chewie the treatments and care he deserved. Thank you so much, Trupanion, for the help and support, without you we would have lost our best friend much too early.”

Devon and Brooke W.


Calgary, AB
Enrolled: August 2010
Condition: Bone cancer
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $10,319.23

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