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A Sensitive Stomach and Curious Appetite Led to a Rough Year

“I have 3 Golden Retrievers and one has had a very tough year. Scarlet became sick in April 2012 with an ongoing GI problem. Her usual wonderful vet, Dr. Joel Kaye of Angell Animal Medical Center, was away. I had the good fortune to get an appointment with Dr. Kirstin Johnson at Angell Animal Medical Center. Dr. Johnson did ultrasounds, blood work and an endoscopy. Scarlet was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She was treated with lots of medications and a special veterinary diet. She improved and started to gain weight. She was never 100%, and in September a foreign body was found on ultrasound and X-ray. She had surgery at Angell and an intact soft bumble bee toy was removed from her stomach. Scarlet is fine now!

I am very grateful to all of Angell’s staff that has helped on ‘Team Scarlet.’ I am so grateful to Trupanion pet insurance for allowing Scarlet to have the best care possible.

As all of you who have pets know, this type of treatment is VERY expensive. In 2011, I took out pet insurance through Trupanion for my golden trio. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I did it. My frequent dealings with multiple Trupanion staff have been excellent. All have been helpful and kind.

I have many things to be thankful for: Angell Animal Medical Center and Trupanion are very high on my list!”

Patricia C.



Newton, Massachusetts
Enrolled: March 2011
Condition: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Foreign Body
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $6,942.70

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