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The Millennial Pet Owner: Who owns whom?

Today, Trupanion released the results of the first annual TruPoll—a national survey of 1,250 pet owners across the U.S. and Canada. We wanted to see how dog and cats’ influence our homes, relationships, how we behave, and what we buy. What we found is that pet owners consider their pets part of the family now more than ever—especially when it comes to young pet owners. While the survey identified several ways our relationships are changing with our pets, millennials stood out from the rest.

Millennial pet owners define pets as family

Here are just a few ways millennials are changing the definition of pets as family:

  • You’ve probably seen reports that millennials are delaying having children and adopting pets instead. The way they refer to their pets reflects that. TruPoll found that 43% of millennials refer to their pet as their “fur baby” while only 20 percent of baby boomers use the same reference.
  • You’ve also likely heard that millennials take a healthier approach to eating—this also applies to their pets. TruPoll showed that pet owners place a heavy focus on high-quality food. Additionally, 13% of millennials cook food specifically for their pet every day, and two-thirds of millennials have indicated that they will take the time to cook meals specifically for their pet on occasion.
  • Although food, toys and clothes are among the top purchases pet owners tend to make, tech-savvy pet owners are splurging on activity tracking collars, automated treat dispensers and location trackers for pets. These purchases were more prevalent among millennials than the generations before them.
  • When it comes to brunch or other social outings, millennials want to bring their pet with them. TruPoll found almost one-third of millennials choose restaurants or bars based on the ability to bring their pets.
  • Pets are also making their way into ink. When getting tattoos, 5% of millennials choose their pet.

For more information on TruPoll and these findings, read the full report here

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