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Decorating for the holidays with a cat

cat under christmas tree

The holidays are an exciting time for your curious cat. A brand new climbing tree covered in toys and shiny things—oh boy! But that new shiny tree and holiday decor may not be the best for your feline family member. Below you’ll find some holiday decor do’s and don’ts if you have a cat in your home.

Oh, Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is always tempting for curious kitties in the home. How can they resist a new perch covered in shiny toys just for them? Keep your tree securely upright to protect your climbing cat. Also be sure to tidy up pine needles regularly and choose a tight-fitting tree skirt to keep your cat from ingesting needles or tree water. They can both be harmful if consumed.

Tinsel, ribbons, and bows

Keep ornaments, garland, tinsel, light cords, ribbons and bows out of reach or tucked away. Broken, nibbled, or swallowed—these can cause serious health problems for your cat. Foreign body ingestion claims for cats increase by 14% in December, and no pet owner wants a trip to the veterinarian with their cat on Christmas Eve.

Candles so bright

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas around the holidays, consider any candles you place around the home. Keep Menorah and other festive candles away from cats who can knock them over and potentially start a fire. Consider electric candles and never leave burning candles unattended.

Jolly holly

Decking the halls with boughs of holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias can make your pet sick if they decided to make a snack of the new plants. Never bring Christmas lilies into a home with cats—lilies are incredibly toxic and aren’t worth the risk. Choose artificial plants instead!

By following these decorating tips, you can keep your holiday home merry and bright. For more holiday safety tips for your cat, visit our resources on holiday pet safety.

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