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Pampering our pets with pet tech and trends

cat technology toysWhen it comes to toys, treats, and special services we definitely like to pamper our pets. And it’s not hard to do! From balls and feather toys to trending pet tech, there are so many ways we can show love for our pets through our wallets. This fall, Trupanion surveyed 1,250 pet owners from the U.S. and Canada, and found that most pet owners will splurge for their pets—no matter what age or income.

Gifts for every occasion

While pet owners purchase goods for their pets year-round, there are a few special holidays that help determine what we choose to buy for our pets.

The winter holiday season is the most celebrated among pet owners who celebrate with gifts and treats for their pets. Pet owners also celebrate their pet’s birthday, adoption anniversary, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day with toys, treats, and outfits.

Treats, Toys, and Threads

It may come as no surprise, food is the most common purchase pet owners make for their pet. Many pet owners opt for high-quality pet treats to keep their dog or cat happy. Aside from food, toys and pet clothes were also popular purchases among pet owners. But these weren’t the only purchases pet owners make.

Pet tech on the rise

According to the survey, 37% of pet owners have purchased tech for their pet. Millennials are most likely to purchase pet tech than older generations. Some of the most popular gadgets include:

  • Smart feeders
  • Automated treat dispensers
  • Location trackers
  • Automated toys
  • Activity monitors
  • Pet cams
  • Smart pet doors

Pet-centric services

And shopping for your pet doesn’t stop there. Pet owners are also willing to spend on a variety of pet-centric services like grooming, doggy daycare, pawdicures, massages, hair coloring, and even pet psychic readings. Alternative services like hair coloring, aromatherapy, and pet psychics were primarily purchased by younger pet owners.

We would do anything for our pets, and providing them with toys, treats and tech is just another fun part of pet ownership. After all, pets are family!

What are your favorite purchases for your pets?

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