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Rescue puppy bites off more than he can chew

Chihuahua retriever mix puppy“We adopted Charlie, our Lab/Chihuahua Mix from Companion Pet Rescue (CPR) in Southbury, CT in September 2015.  At the time of the adoption, CPR provided us with information regarding pet health insurance in general and Trupanion in particular.  We did not realize that medical insurance for our pets was available and had not had it with our previous dog, but after reading the information, decided to enroll Charlie.  It was the best decision we ever made!

Four months after bringing him home, on the day after Christmas, Charlie woke up and was not himself; he was lethargic, not eating and throwing up.  I brought him to VCA Shoreline Veterinary Clinic, a nearby 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic, and after X-rays and an ultrasound, they discovered that a foreign object had become lodged in his intestines.  The veterinary surgeon performed surgery that night to remove the object, which turned out to be part of a dog toy.

Shortly after Charlie’s diagnosis, I called Trupanion and the customer service department representative was wonderful; he emailed a claim form to me and answered all of my questions.  In addition, he was very understanding and patient as I was, as you can imagine, worried and upset about Charlie.

Once Charlie’s surgery was done, I completed my section of the one page claim form and the veterinary clinic completed its section and forwarded it to Trupanion.  Within 2 weeks we had received an email stating that Trupanion would reimburse us for 90% of the cost of Charlie’s surgery less our deductible.  As the cost of Charlie’s surgery was in excess of $5,000, we were thrilled with the news!

Charlie has recovered fully from his surgery and is a very active, happy, puppy!  Our experience with Trupanion’s puppy insurance made the recovery process much easier for both Charlie and us!”

John and Kelly C.


Seymour, Connecticut
Enrolled: September 2015
Condition: Intestinal blockage
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $4,263

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