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A rescued Greyhound gets the care he needs

Piers the Greyhound

“Our dog, Piers, is a 6-year-old Greyhound rescued from the US dog tracks. Upon a friend’s recommendation, we signed up for Trupanion when we adopted him.

Since then, we’ve unfortunately had to make a number of claims, but fortunately, Trupanion has been great to deal with each time. They process claims quickly and our rebate cheques are often in the mail within days. They have covered everything as per our agreement and the premiums have increased minimally.

On the phone, the Trupanion staff is always kind, courteous and able to answer all of our questions. As far as customer service goes, I would wholeheartedly recommend Trupanion’s dog insurance!”

Kim A., Macky R., and Piers the Greyhound


Calgary, AB
Enrolled: June 2012
Condition: Vitamin D ingestion, heart murmur
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $2,913.08

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