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‘Tis The Season for New Pets

Many families may be bringing home a new furry family member for the holidays, and they’ll need to know what to expect. But, as we all know, puppies and kittens can often get into trouble as they learn, grow, and explore their new environment. Medical insurance for their pets can help pet owners with those unexpected moments.

The greatest gift of all

Enrolling a puppy or kitten means peace of mind for their whole life. It also helps ensure that pre-existing conditions are not a factor. We hope their new pet will be one of the lucky ones and never have to file a claim. But, if they do, we’re here.

What’s better than a sweet, squirming puppy or kitten? Nothing, but a close second might just be peace of mind should the worst happen. If questions should arise, feel free to direct them to us. We’re happy to answer any questions at 888.733.2685 or [email protected].


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