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Vet direct pay saved my dog

labrador retriever puppy, GrizzWith Vet Direct Pay, Trupanion is helping change pet health insurance for the better by eliminating the traditional upfront payment and reimbursement model. And pet owners like Laura are feeling the positive effects.

Laura’s Story: How Trupanion’s vet direct pay saved my dog

Grizz is a typical 2-year-old chocolate Labrador, but his veterinary bills have already been anything but ordinary. In the last 2 years, he has suffered from a series of unfortunate illnesses and injuries. Despite these circumstances—and veterinary expenses that have topped $42,000— Grizz is full of energy and doing well.

Since he was 8-weeks-old, Grizz and his family have been covered with a Trupanion policy, and by utilizing Trupanion’s Vet Direct Pay, Grizz was able to receive the life-saving treatment he needed.


Not every pet has the same financial access to health care as Grizz, even with pet insurance. But Vet Direct Pay can help change that.

Pet insurance and the reimbursement model

Traditionally, pet health insurance has used a reimbursement model. This means a pet owner would take their pet to the veterinarian, pay the full bill, submit a claim to their insurance provider, and wait for a reimbursement check in the mail.

With a reimbursement model, pet owners are limited to their own savings accounts or credit cards. Those who can’t pay a veterinary bill at the time of service may be unable to provide necessary treatments for their pet. They may choose a less expensive treatment option that is less effective, or in some instances may even have to euthanize their pet due to the costly upfront costs of care. It’s a terrible outcome for the pet owner, the veterinarian, and of course, the pet.

Trupanion is revolutionizing the way pet owners are able to approach the costs of veterinary care. With Vet Direct Pay, insurance can pay the hospital directly in minutes, leaving a pet owner with just their portion of the bill at checkout. There are no upfront payments for the full bill, no claim forms to fill out, and no waiting for reimbursement checks.

Helping pets get best medical care with Vet Direct Pay

Vet Direct Pay can give pets like Grizz the opportunity to receive life-saving treatment that may otherwise be financially out of reach. To learn more, visit


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