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Five Reasons Why the Trupanion Partners Program Might Be For You

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Working together to keep pets healthy and happy.

The Trupanion Partners Program delivers exceptional service to you and your clients, allowing you to focus on what you do best — taking care of pets! Maybe you’ve heard of it but are still unsure or have some lingering questions. No problem — we’re here for you! Here are five reasons why it might just be right for you and your practice.

1. Speedy claims submission with Trupanion Express™

Our unique web-based application allows for a quick and easy client checkout. Submitting claims takes just a few clicks and approvals are often processed before your client even leaves the building.

2. No more waiting around for reimbursements

We can pay you directly, so your client is able to say “yes” to your treatment plan without worrying about upfront costs for the full bill.

3. Issuing certificates made easier than ever

Offer certificates electronically, straight to your clients’ email or smartphones, and ensure that treatment plans for new conditions become a medical decision instead of a financial one.

4. A healthier bottom line

Payments get deposited directly into your hospital’s bank account, so your annual revenue can grow with up to 90% savings in credit card fees, more frequent in-house pharmacy sales, and increased treatment compliance.

5. A dedicated team to support your hospital

Trupanion specialists are available around the clock to answer questions, troubleshoot a problem, or provide any other needed support.

It’s a win-win all-around. Pets receive the treatment they need, your clients don’t have the anxiety of unexpected expenses, and your team can practice best medicine without having to negotiate fees.

If this sounds interesting to you, enrolling is easy: schedule a meeting with your local Territory Partner and learn how simple it is to incorporate Trupanion into your existing workflow.

For more information, visit or contact us at 855.727.9085.

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