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Pet health and wellness takes priority for pet owners

woman jogs with dogWith the turn of the New Year, good diet and exercise are on the minds of many, including pet owners. But this consciousness isn’t limited to the start of the year. We want the best for our pets—after all, pets are family—and a healthy diet and regular physical activity are just two ways we can ensure their health and well-being.

TruPoll, Trupanion’s 2017 study of dog and cat owners across the US and Canada, found that nutrition and exercise were both important in the minds of most pet owners—and pets weren’t the only ones seeing the positive effects of healthy living.

Say goodbye to table scraps

According to the survey, pet owners placed a big focus on their pet’s nutrition in 2017. No matter what age or income level, most pet owners said they purchase high-quality pet food (79%) and treats (62%) for their dogs and cats.

On top of that, pets aren’t eating table scraps either. Forty-four percent of pet owners said that they will not share human food with their begging pets. However, almost half of pet owners said they will take the time to cook meals specifically for their pet on occasion, and another 10% do it for every meal.

This number is even higher for millennial pet owners. When it comes to millennials, 67% have cooked food specifically for their pet.

Say hello to walks

Whether you have a dog or cat, regular playtime and physical activity is important to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. This sometimes means you have to change your routine or even take on a new activity to make sure your pet gets the exercise they need.

According to TruPoll, 26% percent of pet owners have taken up a new physical activity to do with their pet. This included regular walks (65%), jogging or running (23%), and pet-specific sports like agility or flyball (9%).

Women in particular responded that they began exercising more when they became pet owners with activities like regular walks and agility, but men tended to pick up jogging and running (29%) much more often than women (18%).

The benefits of this healthy behavior didn’t end at the pet. Seventy-nine percent of pet owners indicated that their pet has had a positive effect on their own physical activity level. This was the case with cat owners too! Seventy-one percent of cat owners responded that their pet has had a positive effect on their physical activity.

How has your pet influenced your healthy lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!


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