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TruPoll Survey Says Pets are Family

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The results are in!

It’s no surprise to veterinarians that pets are important companions, nor is it a surprise to us here at Trupanion. We all love our pets and want to do the very best for them. And, according to our recent survey, it appears that many others feel similarly about their cats and dogs.

Trupanion conducted a survey of 1,250 pet owners across the U.S. and Canada in the first annual TruPoll. We wanted to see how dogs and cats influence our homes, relationships, how we behave, and what we buy. The results, released in November 2017, show that pets are part of the family now more than ever, especially amongst millennials.

Many pet owners refer to their pets with familial terms like “child,” “baby,” and “kid,” but millennials take it a step further. Forty-three percent of millennials refer to their pet as “fur baby” compared to only 20% of baby boomers. That’s no surprise, considering millennials are reportedly delaying having children and adopting pets instead.

Millennials are also more likely to place a heavy focus of high-quality foods for their pets, with 13% cooking food specifically for their pet every day. And almost one-third of millennials choose restaurants or bars based on the ability to bring their pets.

Our verbiage and food choices are not all that’s changed. We care more about how our family and friends feel about our pets, too. Three-quarters of pet owners think it’s important that family members like their pets, and half of pet owners feel that way about their friends. Dog owners, more so than cat owners, felt especially strong about this.

While it may not be a surprise, it’s wonderful to confirm what we already know: pets are family!

For more information on TruPoll and these findings, read the full report here

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