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Dating with a dog: How we feel about pets and people in our lives

When it comes to relationships with other people, pets can play a significant role.

Trupoll, a survey of pet owners in Canada and the US, found that across genders, generations, and income brackets, pet owners care how the people around them feel about their pets. Whether it be family, friends, or significant others, we just want everyone to get along.

Focus on friends and family

According to the survey, half of pet owners felt it was important that their friends like their pets—which makes sense if you want them to spend any time together.

And family was even more important. Seventy-two percent of pet owners felt their family should like their pet. After all, pets are family, too. It makes sense that we’d want our companions to get along.

This sentiment was especially important among dog owners, whose pets may be more likely to spend time interacting with friends, family, and guests in the home. Cat owners were not as concerned about what their family or friends thought of their pet.

Keep in mind, not all pets are outgoing or excited to meet new people. Like humans, many pets can be shy or nervous when they interact with someone new for the first time. To keep your pet comfortable, introduce them to friends and family in a calm setting. A big dinner party or large gathering can be overwhelming to some pets, but many can become comfortable with your friends if they feel relaxed and safe. Before you know it, your pet may just charm friends and family and fit right in.

Dating with dogs

Some pet owners also consider their pets when choosing a significant other. While most pet owners don’t choose their romantic partner based on their pet alone, many do place a high importance on whether they get along.

Millennials especially put weight into their pet’s relationship with their partner. Twelve percent of millennial pet owners said they ended a romantic relationship because of their pet.

Looking for a partner who shares your love of pets? Many owners can connect with other pet people by taking their dog to a local dog park, puppy classes or dog-friendly bars, restaurants and similar establishments. Cities across the United States and Canada are also adopting new ways of interacting with pets and their owners. Dog yoga, pet pilates and agility classes are a good way to meet dog owners who also have a love of fitness – in fact, pet owners are more focused on health and wellness with their pups than ever before.

Our pets love us like no one else can, and all they ask for in return is that we love them back. It makes sense that we want to surround ourselves with people who will do the same. Have you ever connected with a special someone because of your pet? Let us know in the comments below!

For more information on TruPoll and these findings, read the full report here

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