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Stay Connected: Leveraging Social Media for Your Practice

A How-To Guide for Social Media

Today, social media is as much an important business tool as it is a trendy way for millennials to communicate. It’s an essential way to stay in touch with your clients, whether it’s to relay holiday hours or pass along best practices to keep pets healthy. We understand that the various platforms can be confusing and time-consuming, especially while running a successful practice. So, we’re putting together monthly quick guides for each social channel.

Let’s tweet about it

Twitter offers a platform for businesses to give their followers new and interesting information in a way that is easy to digest. Users want to discover something, and you have plenty of information for them to discover!

Twitter helps you start the conversation

Assuming you have a profile set up already (if you don’t, not to worry – they make it pretty simple), you’ll want to start tweeting. It’s best to think of Twitter as a conversation platform as well as a way to broadcast information. You’ll have much better engagement with existing and potential clients if you have direct interactions. This can include retweeting, replying to clients’ tweets, and sharing relevant content, like helpful infographics and tips.

Good news! Twitter recently increased the number of characters per tweet from 140 to 280. However, while that may seem like a generous increase, each character adds up quickly. When composing your tweet, Twitter will let you know how close you are to using all your characters with the blue circle in the bottom right corner.


Twitter has partnered with Union Metrics, a company providing free personalized recommendations to improve your Twitter presence. If you’re just looking to brush up on the basics, there are numerous articles written about how to best utilize Twitter for businesses, big and small. Check out this one from Business News Daily. When in doubt, you can always turn to Twitter itself to answer questions and suggest new strategies.

When used to its full advantage, Twitter can be a great way to increase awareness and connect with your clients. Happy tweeting!

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