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Pepsi and Pandy


“In October of 2016, my beloved ten-year-old Golden Retriever Pepsi was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, a very aggressive cancer. Thanks to Trupanion, I was able to take her to specialists and provide the best care and treatment. This includes holistic treatment, which is available for a low monthly cost. Pepsi died six weeks after her diagnosis; however, when the time came I knew she had the best care possible. I was distraught, sad, and full of worry on a daily basis yet not one decision was influenced by cost. I miss and think of her every day, she was my soul dog and the first of my pack of three Goldens.

Four months later my six-year-old Golden Retriever Pandy was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare form of cancer but with better longevity outcomes than HSA. It was a shock so soon after Pepsi, and once again, thanks to Trupanion, she has received the best care and now is five months into treatment and doing well. Fingers crossed we have her as long as possible. Caretaking for a sick family member is hard enough without gut-wrenching decisions based on finances.

The process for filing claims is easy and takes me no more than five minutes. Trupanion processes the claims quickly and payment is directly deposited into my bank account, which allows me to pay Care Credit immediately. Even though my dogs have always been healthy thanks to lots of exercises and good living, the potential for cancer or a catastrophic accident occurring is real and will be very costly. No one wants to make a decision based on money when it comes to those we love, therefore I encouraged everyone to get Trupanion pet insurance.”


-Paula G

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