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Through the Eyes of a Veterinarian

“Diesel was enrolled with Trupanion as a young dog. When Diesel was in for a routine dental cleaning, we discovered a painful fractured tooth that no one knew about. Luckily for Diesel, he was enrolled early in life and his parents followed our recommendations for his care. This ensured the full dentistry costs were covered.

Most recently, Diesel developed a swelling on his back paw which was of concern. We took a fine needle aspirate of the swelling. It came back as inconclusive, and required a surgical biopsy to gain more information. The testing and medications were all covered by Trupanion, allowing his owners to choose their treatment options.

Diesel is a gentle giant who continues to be in great health thanks to his owners and Trupanion’s coverage.”

The Staff at Princess Animal Hospital



Glenburnie, Ontario
Enrolled: February 2013
Condition: Broken Tooth and Ongoing Treatment of Swollen Dewclaw
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $3,980.84

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