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From Bad Luck to Better Days

I have had my 6-year-old dog Barkley insured with Trupanion since he was a puppy. Through an ongoing series of bad luck, my poor guy has had no fewer than seven surgeries, including four on the same knee, and is now prescribed lifelong anti-inflammatory medication.

I can’t tell you the comfort it has given me being able to take him to the veterinarian and just say “fix him.” No matter what it takes, no matter the cost, I am able to consider all the options available for the health of my dog and choose the best one without having to worry if I can afford it. He has been able to receive care that I would never have been able to afford on my own.

Through it all, Trupanion has covered every claim quickly and with a smile. I never get the feeling that they are trying to get out of paying for something or looking for loopholes to save themselves money. They have saved my boy’s life so many times over. I will never have another pet without also having Trupanion insurance.

Jessica T.




Regina, Saskatchewan
Enrolled: December 2011
Condition: Luxating Patella, CCL Tear, Entropian
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $14,121.92

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